'Put the Art in Artificial Intelligence'


We believe that fashion must take part in shaping the future. As information technology becomes more and more relevant, it needs to be reflected in our clothing, too.

Uncountable databases exist, which inspire us to creating design products. While we work with such data, we hope to shape our stance on the social implications of individual privacy.

Where does open information foster innvoation, when does it turn into abuse?

Our products are made from neural network training, data mining, generative design and an automated knitting process.

Individuals who have significantly contributed during our journey:

Tom Tosseyn, Bureau Borsche: Graphic Design

Domen Van De Velde, Elsa Okazaki: Photographers

Flora Miranda: Creative Direction

Antonia Seierl, Johanna Zimmerer: Management

Koen Smets: Data Scientist

Max Wolf: Mentor

Neoanalog: Generative Design

Samira Lafkioui: Production Management

Austria Wirtschaft Service and Forecast Platform Berlin: Financial Support